Size tabs, care labels ad more are printed on organic cotton with no finishes.  All are made with Okeo Tex Stadard 100 Certified inks.  

Mikan Printing is your best sourcing choice for all sorts of Eco Friendly labels, hang tags, size tabs, care labels and custom printed trims.  At The Sourcing District, we are proud to represent this fine company.  Almost everything is made in North America.  Most in North Carolina.  Simply pick up te phone and call Val or Alison at 704-498-4655 Ext. 101.  They are always glad to explain all of the Eco and Conventional options.

Here are hang tags made with 100% post consumer recycled paper.  Available in white, natural and other colors.  Made here with vegetable ink dyes.  Your design.  Mikan's skill for sustainable branding.

All it takes is your imagination and your logo, art work or ideas!!  For details, contact Mikan Printing at 704-498-4655 Ext. 101.  Ask for Valerie or Allyson.  Get it made in North America but one of the most experienced printers and branding experts in the business.  Mikan Printing.

Need Eco Friendly Branding??  Her it is!