Fusible Interfacing


80X is available in 48" and 60".  The price is so outstanding.  48"  $1.85     60" $2.25   from Guide Fabric NYC


As a designer, one of your greatest challenges is sourcing garment construction necessities.  Of these fusible interfacing is so very important.  From stretchable tricot to stabilizers, fusible interfacing is one item where you should never skimp on quality.  Only use the best!  Remember, fusible interfacing is not a "one trick pony".  You need different fusibles for different fabrics and different effects.  The Sourcing District along  with Guide Fabrics NYC, can supply expert guidance.  Just ask!


Bet you didn't know......Muslin was named after Mosul, Iraq, where European traders first discovered this plain weave cotton fabric.  If comes from delicate and fine to course and weighty.  When sewing clothing, a designer may test the fit of a garment, using an inexpensive muslin fabric before cutting pieces from expensive fabric, thereby avoiding potential costly mistakes. This garment is often called a "muslin," and the process is called "making a muslin." In this context, "muslin" has become the generic term for a test or fitting garment, regardless of what it is made from.  In one aspect, the benefit of muslin is tied to the price and width.  See "80X" for a variety of widths and outstanding value.  More to be posted soon.  Call 708-386-8586 for ordering information and sample info.