Style Sheen. Design 1632. Color black.  56" wide. 6.78 oz.  97% cotton/3% spandex.  Versatile weight.  Unique kaleidoscope design.      

Style Taurus  Design 1964 Color beige/black  58" wide.  5.9 oz.  95% polyester/5% spandex.  A smart swirl pattern.

Design:  Moroccan  Color:  Coral, white, black.  100% Viscose   180 GSM   Crepe finish.  48" wide

Style Capri .  Design 1808. 56" wide. 2.45 oz. Black ground and white.  97% cotton/3% spandex.  Japanese style print.  

Style Ranchero Design 1959.  Color Tiger.  58" wide and 4.28 oz.  65% cotton/35% polyester.  Finest quality in this durable cotton/poly blend.

Style Cherub design # 1845.Feathery 1.62 oz.  56" cuttable.  100% Polyester.  Grey/Taupe Print.  Wispy! 

Style Briar print # 1917.  54" cuttable. 3.69 oz.  Modernist wave pattern.  100% viscose voile.

Style Georgina design # 1793.  Polyester crepe di Chine at 3.42 oz and 56" cuttable.  Creme/Pink floral.  Luxury.

Style Taurus Design 1965  Color Pink/Violet  58" wide.  5.9 oz in weight.  95% polyester/5% spandex. 

Style Samara  Design # 1587. 3.21 oz.  58" wide.  Chiffon print in black/ivory.  Unique design.  A real concept piece.

Style Ranchero Design 1960 color Baroque.  58" wide.  3.69 oz. No shrink or wrinkle.  Style and value here.    

Here are more gorgeous prints from Gordon Fabrics LTD.  Very digestable to minimums.  Easy to sample.  Finest quality.  Seasonal inventory with continuity.  Represented exclusvely by The Sourcing District.

Here are sensational silk like 100% polyester from breezy chiffon to sensual crepe di Chine.  

Cotton and Cotton/Spandex wovens!  Unique but well balanced and highly merchantable.  Check out the width, weight and quality of the printing.  All done at the highest level.  No one prints with the skiill and quality that is achieved by Gordon Fabrics LTD. 

Style Taurus Design 1968 Color grey/teal

58" wide.  ​5.9 oz weight.  95% polyester/5% spandex.  Again, a masterful use of fall colors and texture.

Style Taurus  Design 1964 Color red/black  58" wide.  5.9 oz.  95% polyester/5% spandex.  Great fall color combinations.

Style Leo design # 1936. 58"cuttable.  2.15 oz of sheer beauty. Delicate quality and finest printing in Black/Fuschia. 

Style Cassidy. Design 1715. 57" wide. 3.83oz. 65% cotton/35% polyester washed denim. Indigo classic. 

Style Taurus Design 1963 Color green/aqua  58" wide.  5.9 oz.  95% polyester/5% spandex. Distinctive fall colors.

Style Briar print # 1837.  54" cuttable. 3.69 oz.  Black/White pattern.  100% viscose voile.

Style Ranchero. Design 1958. Color Paisley. 65% cotton/35% polyester. Substantial

3.69 oz. 58" wide. Chocked with style and value,   

Style Willow design # 1670 with an ivory background.  58" cuttable.  3.78 oz.  Not completely opaque.  The mild texture of CDC.

Style Taurus Design 1984 Color charcoal  58" wide.  5.9 oz.  95% polyester/5% spandex. Great for tops and dresses. 

Style Capri. Design: 1808.  56" wide. 2.45 oz.  Japanese style print.  97% cotton/3% spandex.  White ground and black.    

Fall Polyester Knit.   Here is  unique fall polyester knit.  Fall hand.  Fall color and design.

Style Sheen, Design 1632, Color indigo.  56" wide.  6.78 oz.  The kaleidoscope design and denim friendly indigo.