Quality:  Athena Check   white and black arn dye.  Washed 100% Linen.  Texture and more. 150 GSM

Quality:  Throne   Design:  1942

Royal skin pattern 

Quality:  Tropez   Colors:  Natural and Black

109 GSM.  100% Linen.  A washed finish gives this a gauze like look.  Sophisticated

Quality:  Throne   Design:  1936

A teal/green combination. 

Quality:  Throne   Design:  1804

​Elegant floral and botanic.

Quality:  Throne   Design:  1907

​Endless Creativity here.

Quality:  Estanza   Color:  Black/Ivory  Yarn dyed line plaid.  Lovely natural finish.109 GSM. 100% Linen  Perfect!

Quality: Bermuda Stripe    Railroad style stripe with a twist.  

Quality:  Throne    Design:  1992

Royal/Jade Spots in the abstract.

Here is everything new in Linen and Linen blends from Gordon Fabrics LTD.  Nothing like it in high quality linen with continuity and REAL wholesale pricing.  Call us anytime for sample cards, sample yardage and more.  The Sourcing District is at 708-386-8586 or go here.

Quality:  Throne   Design:  1991

A jewel-tone palette in the abstract

Quality:  Throne   Design:  1955

And here it is in red!

Quality:  Throne   Design:  1947

Tweed inspired print in black/ivory 

Quality:  Throne   Design:  1943

Black/Teal grooves.

Quality:  Throne   Design:  1955

Dark Blue/Ivory   A versatile pattern

Quality:  Throne   Design:  1962

Stripes and Grooves.

Quality:  Killarney   Color:  Natural

​Subtle windowpane in super soft "Irish like" linen.  Fine and fashionable.  170 GSM

Quality:  Throne     Design:  1945  

An invory and black version of our striated design. 

Quality:  Throne    Design:  1942

​Red pattern

Quality:  Throne   Design:  1991

​A neutral palette.

Quality:  Baleine     Pattern:  Whales  

125 GSM   100% Linen  A one of a kind!!

Quality:  Estanza   Color:  Ivory/Black  The reverse of the previous.  Naturally perfect.  109 GSM.  Gorgeous for spring/summer

Quality:  Throne    Design:  1944

​Express yourself in fabric.

Quality:  Athena Big Check    Design: 2038​100% Linen 150 GSM  Versatile & fashionable

Quality:  Throne   Design:  1937

​Black/silver big floral