Looking for some juicy and highly creative opportunities?  Here is it.  Coordinated or contrasting gingham and solid shantung.  This can take you anywhere!!

Silk Gingham is 100's of colors and a wide variety of check sizes.  Made yarn dyed as Shantung.

Here is a rare find.  Silk Matka is a fabric consisting of two raw silk filaments twisted together and hand woven.  The results?  Superior softness, texture and drape.  Looking for a wide variety of color options?  Look no further.

Smooth and natural.  Here is 100% Silk Shantung.  Yarn dyed.  Heavyweight.  Perfect for evening wear and bridal.   54" wide make this production friendly.  100's of colors.  An industry standard.

Whether you call it Dupion or Dupioni, here is silk with a unique slub.  Love the Slub!  Midweight and hand-loomed with superior drap and color representation.  We offer a complete group of iridescent and a more "solid" look.  Again, 100's of colors.  A superior fabric for multiple types of apparel.

Here is a special selection of silk fabrics from SaiSilk of New York.  Unique Silk Matka, Katan Matka, yarn dyed gingham and more make this a truly hand picked selection offered exclusively by The Sourcing District.  Here is just a peak of what we offer.

Here is lovely Katan Matka.  Hand woven 100% raw silk with 2-ply filament yarns.  Gorgeous.  Great softness with surprising drapability.